"My acne is clearing up! I have tried many products and I'm so glad I found this product! 

I love using Sucremor on my face and I also love the smell!

The smell is relaxing and I feel like it's calming my skin too. Thank you for making this product!"


My hands get dry in the winter from work and I've had a hard time every year but ever since I started using the product my hands got better gradually and they are not as irritated as before. I had my doubts but now I am so happy I recommend it to my friends. 



My skin feels less dry after I started using this product. I use lotion afterwards, but it feels like it penetrates more and my skin feels rejuvinated. I will keep using this product for sure!   


At first, I was surprised to see the sugar grains. But after I washed once, I felt really good. It was amazing how different it felt! The sagging under my eyes became better after using it for a while and I am very happy. I decided to purchase the product because I also like the scent.  


I had my doubts when I bought it, but I use it at the end of my bath and then soak in the tub for a few minutes. My skin feels soft and moisturized the next morning! The scrub feels so good on my skin. 


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